Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 4, 2013, "The MTC is Actually Much Better Than I Thought it Would Be"

Dear Family,

We were instructed to write a letter home yesterday but I didn’t have any time.  Yesterday was exhausting but really good.  The host sister that helped me with my bags will be serving in Tokyo, so it was nice to talk to her for a few to distract me.

I was led all over, checking in, getting my nametags, ID, etc.  And I got my books!  There are actually quite a few books/church material the church has translated into Marshallese, which is great. We have a hymn book, phrase book, and even the Gospel Principles manual has been translated.  We also got the Practical Marshallese book that I had found on the internet as a PDF.

My companion is Sister Seegmiller (pronounced Segmiller) from Springville.  She is the yogurt girl!  We get along really well--we usually like the same food and we’re always a few minutes late to everything.  There are two other sisters in our district going to the Marshalls.  All four of us have either studied Japanese or Chinese before.  All of them are 19 and we live in the same room along w/ two sisters that will be going to Kirtland, Ohio next week.

The MTC is actually much better than I thought it would be. We get to be outside a lot and move around to different buildings.My P-Day is Thursday, but we don’t have it today b/c it is our first week.  We get to watch the fireworks tonight and stay out late!  Our residence hall seems like it’s one of the ones that was recently renovated.  The bathrooms are nice.  The food actually isn’t too bad.  There seem to be lots of options.  I’ve eaten cantaloupe at every meal so far.

There are other Marshallese speakers in our district that will be going to Honolulu, Des Moines, and Oklahoma City.  I think there are only four elders going to the Marshalls.  We met the Kiribati district last night and two sisters will be going ther.  There is one sister going to Samoa.  The Samoa elders are also in our zone along w/ the Kiribati folk.  We get a group for Fiji next week.

I seem to always be starving before each meal.  I’ve tried to take fruit in my bag.  I always try to eat quickly but I’m still hungry.  Maybe we should try to get there on time.

Well, we’re going to go eat lunch.  Love you all.


Sister Butler

Leans, do you want to type this and email it to the family? I will write next Thurs by email.It’s now Saturday and I’m finally getting around to sending this. A lot more has happened. We’ve learned so much of the language.

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