Friday, August 23, 2013

August 15, 2013, I'm Finally Here!

Lakwe!  I'm finally here!  It's hot and humid...but it's actually not too bad.  You just accept the fact that it's hot and gross.
Traveling was slightly stressful.  We had to pay for our baggage and then in Hawaii we had to pay for the hotel, which was really expensive.  And of course some people didn't have sufficient funds, so I payed for the Vanuatu elder's room too.  I got reimbursed today...which was about 330 dollars.  So I have that now.  Idk what you want me to do since I had charged that on the American express card.  I'll have to tell you more about Hawaii was pretty funny. No one knew we were coming.
The islands are so pretty from the air!  It was a little crazy landing because it looked like we were landing in the ocean.  The airport was pretty great.  Customs was kind of a joke...and the luggage claim was a piece of plywood supported at an angle where they dropped the bags off.  The mission pres and his wife picked us up.  We went to the mission office (which has nice AC) and we did some orientation stuff.  After lunch we went on a tour and visited one of the two ATMs on Majuro.  We then went on splits with some of the missionaries in the long island area.  Sister Seegmiller and I were with Sister Crane who's from Oklahoma.  She's friends with my friend Megan Knowles from Philadelphia.  We taught a couple of girls that are members and walked around for a while.  There are chickens and dogs everywhere. 
Tomorrow I go to my first area!  My companion will be Sister Ieie and she's from Kiribati.  This will be her last transfer.  We'll be serving in Laura, which is the beautiful, rural part of Majuro.  And we get bikes in Laura!  So excited for that!  Sis. Whitney will be flying to Ebeye on Saturday, Sis. Moeai will be near Laura (I think), and Sis. Seeg will be in Delap, which is kind of downtown Majuro.  I'm excited! 
We're at the mission home right now and we're going to eat dinner in a few.  The four sisters are staying at the nurse's apartment tonight.  We technically find out tomorrow where we're going, but our mission pres told us today.  We know that one of the elders is going to an outer island with one other missionary to open the island!  It's pretty crazy.
My mission president and his wife are really great.  I like them a lot already.
Okay, I've got to go.  I love you! 
Sister Butler

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