Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 17, 2013, Cooking for Three is Better than Cooking for Two

Today's a holiday (president's day?) so CMI was closed.  Well actually we got someone to unlock the office for us, but the internet was turned off for the day. So, I'm emailing from a computer in the mission office right now.  Since there aren't many computers we each only get a little bit of time to email, but I believe our district is going to CMI tomorrow morning to email for reals.  This is just an email to say that I'm alive and well, and yes, I am still in Laura.  The sister that got hurt is walking (slowly) so it seems like she might be okay.  It looks like I'll be staying in Laura for at least this transfer.  I'm definitely leaving after Christmas though, since I'll have been there for 4.5 months at that point.
Things are going well.  Our new companion is pretty cool.  She's half Samoan, half Chinese.  Both of her parents are half Samoan, half Chinese.  She's not afraid to try and speak the language, so that's good.  And cooking for three is better than cooking for two, so we'll have more money for food. 
P day was pretty nice today with our new district leader.  We were actually able to go to other stores in town!  I got a dress at a secondhand store for $5 and we drove to Rita, which I had actually never been to before.  The new district is pretty sweet.
I'll write more tomorrow.  Love you,
Sister Butler

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