Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 14, 2014, First Post From Ebeye

I made it to Ebeye!  I had to repack my suitcases last night once I had access to a scale and found out that the big one weighed 60 lbs.  I then couldn't sleep very well because I kept thinking about traveling.  And then I got really cold because I didn't have a blanket and the Long Island sisters' AC is on really cold.  So, I didn't sleep very much.  We left for the airport around 8:30 AM and our flight left around 11:20 AM.  We got into Kwajalein at noon, so it was only a 40 minute flight.  The weirdest part was being on the airport with a bunch of white people.  I didn't know how to talk to them or what to say.  I just wanted to talk to the Marshallese people.  It was so weird.  Kwajalein was really weird too.  There were so many big white people.  Oh my goodness.  And there were roads and stop signs and intersections.  We got Burger King, thank goodness, and we sat and waited for the ferry.  The ferry ride was amazing.  It was so beautiful.  The wind was crazy and we kept getting sprayed by water from the ocean.  The lagoon was so pretty and the water was a light blue color.  I took a bunch of pictures.  I'm on a computer in the district president's office in the church building right now, so we'll see if I can upload photos.  Actually I don't think I have my card reader with me.  Next week, for sure.  We got off the ferry and Elder and Sister Becker were there waiting on the dock.  We walked about 20 meters to our apartment, which is right next to the Beckers' apartment.  The grocery store is right across the street from our apartment but I have yet to check it out.  I really like our apartment.  It's pretty nice and there's a great view of the lagoon.  The island is definitely very crowded and the houses are right next to each other.  But somehow it feels really comfortable and nice, even if it's not that pretty and there aren't very many trees.  Sister Mahit is really nice.  We've only talked in Marshallese so far to each other (and we've talked a fair bit) so I think this is going to be good for my Marshallese.  But I only have two weeks with her before she leaves. 
Okay, I better go!  We're playing volleyball at the church building right now.  I'll email next Tuesday!  or I guess it's Monday for you guys.  Love you.  I just wanted to let you all know that I'm safe in Ebeye.
Sister Ellen Butler

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