Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 8, 2014 I Want to Stay in Ebeye Until December If Possible!

I think I'm staying in Ebeye this next transfer, so I should be here until June at least.  Phew.  I was worried for a while...but I think I'm staying.  I want to stay in Ebeye until December if possible!  I don't think President is going to put sisters on outer islands for a while...but we'll see.

We've had a good week.  Last P day we made bwiro with Rosa Loeak and Mama Katol.  I don't know everyone's first names, but calling them mama or papa shows a lot of respect, so we just call everyone that.  And then we don't need to learn first names.  Sister Becker wrote a blog post about making bwiro so you can check it out there.  I took a whole bunch of photos of the whole process too, but I won't send them because you can see them all there.  The hardest part was the kneading/rolling out the breadfruit.  It's easy to push it forward on the board, but it's hard to bring it back with your hand.  Sister Tafili was really good at it, but maybe that's because she's Samoan.  I finally got the hang of it, but I was pretty slow at it.  It was a nice break and Peace Park is pretty.  There are some cool views of kwaj from the park there at the south part of the island.

I bought two skirts this week.  They're skirts from Pohnpei, or at least they are Pohnpeian style.  (Meagan, you should ask Thomas to make sure I'm right).  I'm wearing the red one in some of the photos.  The other one is dark blue with red flowers.  I really like them.  I think they're much prettier than the marshallese mumus everyone wears.

Today Sister Tafili, the Beckers, and I are going to Kwajalein for lunch.  We can't get onto the base but we can eat lunch at the checkpoint where there's a fancy "American Eatery."  A crappy hamburger sounds kind of good right now.  They're treating us to lunch because we've been teaching them Marshallese a few mornings each week.  We also are going to take ticket to ride with us and put a couple of tables together...haha.  We might be a little crazy, but a ferry ride, lunch, and ticket to ride sounds like a nice P day.

We visited a couple of less active couples yesterday afternoon with the RS president in Branch 1.  We're supposed to do a lot of less active work because this whole island is basically less active, but I find it really hard.  But we're trying to do more of it.  We just feel overwhelmed a lot of the time with the work because we're covering three branches and we have a lot of investigators that only want to study with sisters, so doing LA work on top of trying to see our investigators can be a lot.  We split up our days too.  Monday, Thursday and Saturday we work in the south part of the island, and Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday we work in the north part.
In Marshallese there are 2 different "L"s.  One is described as a hard L and the other is a soft L, whatever the heck that means.  It really is all about where your tongue is placed.  I think I have finally figured out how to say them correctly!

I think that's it for now.  I got a couple of birthday cards in the mail from friends yesterday.  It was so nice.

Love you all,
Sister Ellen Butler 

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