Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 20, 2014, Kamina and Mickey Got Married!

I got feeling better on Wednesday or Thursday last week.  The good thing is that I didn't have to take any antibiotics!  A lot of the time Sister Tafili stayed home with me (because we had issues trying to find people to work with her and stay with me) but one day she went out and taught some lessons with the Beckers.  They were able to meet with a few people and one of them speaks English fluently so they were able to help teach in that lesson.  In the other lessons the Beckers were able to bear their testimonies in Marshallese!  We're happy we've been able to teach them some Marshallese.
I tried to email some photos but I'm not able to upload them on this computer today.  Sorry!  Maybe next week it'll work.
The best thing that happened this week is that Kamina and Mickey got married.  We've been studying with them for a couple of months.  Their 16 yr old daughter is a member.  The dad was a bit nervous to get married and he pushed the date back once, but holy cow, he was the one that was really happy at the wedding.  We had it at the Stephens' house, some members that live right next door to them, and it was a tight squeeze to get everyone inside their house/room.  We only had the Stephens, the Beckers, the branch president and his counselor, Kamina, Mickey, and Sister Tafili and I, but we were all squished in their tiny house.  The actual marriage was super short but then we had a BBQ afterward!  Sister Tafili and I had gone over to their house in the afternoon to help make food.  We were instructed to make a green salad with imitation crab sticks and mayo...and they were showing me how to cut up vegetables.  I was so surprised to see that many vegetables.  holy cow. And that they thought I didn't know how to cut up vegetables.  Anyway, we also ate rice, bbq chicken, sashimi, and potato salad.  It was yummy.  Sister Becker made a cake, and she decorated it really nicely with their names and stuff, so that was really cute.  It was really nice.  Kamina and Mickey are both really shy so they didn't talk much, but Kamina, the dad, was just smiling the whole time.  The fun thing is that we now have to take their marriage certificate to some government building and get it approved and stamped and such...I guess they do it opposite here than in the US where you go get the marriage license first.  It'll be fun finding the right office and making sure it's done correctly. 

Sister Becker cut my hair this week!  She took off maybe 4 inches of hair and it makes my hair look so much better and feel nicer.  I'm trying to convince Sister Tafili to get her hair cut today too, but we'll see.  We're going to go hang out with the Beckers this afternoon and probably play board games, as we always do.  We wish we had fun things to do on p days, but there's no point in being outside because there's nothing to do and it's just hot.  We're outside everyday and it's nice to be inside for a break.  We're going to have to reschedule our trip to guegeegue too.
I won't be online to email next week.  Sorry this email is kind of short.  Most of the week was boring because I was sick.  Thanks for the emails and letters.  I miss you all.

Sister Butler

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