Monday, March 31, 2014

March 11, 2014 That Dog Had Some Ugly Teeth

It's been kind of a boring week in some respects because it took a while for me to get better from being sick.  We didn't go out to work until Thursday last week.  I was so weak and tired that after one trip across the street to the grocery store I just wanted to lie down for the rest of the day.  I realized I was so weak because I hadn't eaten much, so once I ate I felt a lot better.  I still have a bad chest cold though, but hopefully that'll go away soon....and then I'll just pick up another one from a little kid here.

On Sunday we took naps after our million hours of church.  It was the best decision ever.  I also unintentionally took a nap yesterday on Monday and it was glorious.  I miss naps so much.  Senior missionaries are allowed to take naps whenever they want.  Why can't we?

A girl named Hellen got baptized on Saturday.  That was nice.  We have a group of 6 teenage girls getting baptized this Saturday.  They're all from the atoll of "Ujae" (I think in an earlier email I said they were from "Wotje" which is incorrect.  They sound really similar).  Three of them are sisters and their parents just got baptized in November.  they had studied with the sisters before.  The other three are cousins.  These were some of the girls that were at the big FHE from about a month ago.  We're excited for Saturday.  Sometimes I get a little tired of teaching so many teenagers, but they are a strength to the church here.  Many of them already say that they want to serve missions.  There are 24 students in the mission prep class right now and quite a few are turning in their papers this week.  Three of those students are our investigators, so it's really great.  I just sometimes get a little tired of the teenage girls.

I got the packages with the powdered milk in them, and i've been drinking that stuff like it's real milk.  I used to not like it, but if I get it fairly cold it's pretty good.  It's also great to put into pancakes so I don't have to use my delicious "New Zealand Anchor Ultra-Pasteurized milk."  Whole wheat pancakes have become a staple recently.  Pancakes and muesli.

It's been wicked hot recently.  It's terribly hot and we just wish for rain, and then it rains for about an hour and stops, and then it's hotter than before because the air is so humid.  I'm not sure what's better.  At least our feet stay cool because the streets flood.  I don't want to know what else is on our feet though.

We're teaching a Marshallese/Filipino woman.  She's married to a Chinese man and their kids are learning Marshallese, English, and Chinese.  They're going to be smart kids.   We teach her in English and Marshallese, which is fun.  It's so hard to teach in English.  We struggled, so we kept switching back into Marshallese.  She has a good friend that's a member (and she lives across the street from her) and so her friend helped in a lesson yesterday.  We stayed and talked for a long time before and after the lesson just talking because they love to talk.  The woman has gone to many churches and tells us that she really wants to find which church is true, so we had a really good restoration lesson yesterday.  We're excited to study with her.

My English is starting to get messed up.  The other day I said something to my companion in English but it was so Marshallese:  "I think we should ask with Fred that he should talk with Mercy and ask with him if he is happy to study with the two of us"...or something like that.  Or we'll say, "She's the mother of Mary" instead of "she's mary's mom" or things like that.  I don't want to know what my english is going to be like in 10 months.  Maybe graduate schools won't take me!

A dog tried to bite me yesterday while we were walking, so I started yelling and shaking my water bottle at him. I yelled "enana! enana kidu!" at him which means "bad!  bad dog!"  I think a lot of people thought it was pretty funny, but I don't even care.  That dog had some ugly teeth.

Okay, my email is a little short this week.  i should have more to write next week.  love and miss you all, 

Sister Ellen Butler

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