Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014, Friday was Gospel Day


Chamings and I had a good week.  We had a couple get married on Saturday in the church building. It was really simple and short, but they seemed to enjoy it.  We even got Enos to kiss Bira on the cheek afterward.  So we counted that as a success. 

Friday was Gospel day, which celebrates the day the first christian missionaries came to the marshall islands in 1857 (I think that's the year).  After church yesterday most people went off to other churches because more exciting things (like singing and dancing) were happening there.  Ha.  Not such a good day for trying to get people to come to church.

They finally filled most of the potholes in the Ajeltake road this week.  Normally they just fill them with sand, which does nothing, but this time they used cement.  They're learning!

We're heading out to Laura for P day today and we're going to drive a big van with all the sisters.  

I'm sorry, I think this is going to be a really short email this week.  I hope the pictures make up for it.

We have a big iakwe-iakwe in Ajeltake on Friday for the Robisons that are leaving too.  We're going to learn how to make marshallese woven plates (for food). 

Love you all.  Tootles, 

Sister Butler


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