Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 7, 2014, All We Ate For a Few Days This Week Was Sashimi and Rice

Greetings from Jenrok,

It's been a pretty good week.  The work is fun and exciting when we have progressing investigators, but barely any of them are progressing right now so it's a little hard.  We have one investigator that we teach in English and she didn't show up to her lesson Thursday and so she didn't get interviewed Saturday, but I'm sure she's just busy.

Ebeye was just fun because it was so fast paced and we always had so many people to study with.  It's just slower here, but so much  faster than other places in the world.  We do a lot of teaching and not as much 'finding.'  But we need to do finding because our investigators don't really want to study.

I tried some frozen sand worms from Kiribati this week.  Sister Boutu got them from the Kiribati family in our ward.  They taste kind of like dried fish, which isn't really the best.  All we ate for a few days this week was sashimi and rice.  We can get a pretty big chunk of sashimi with a little salt, lime, and shoyu on it for 50 cents at a little shop.  I think I'm going to eat raw fish every day until I leave because I'm not going to be able to get nice, fresh fish.  I also had some good octopus this week.  It wasn't very chewy and it had a good flavor.

I don't have a whole lot to say about this week.  We have "combined P day" today meaning all the missionaries on the island come together to play sports/hang out.  It'll be nice to see the sisters from the other zone.  Sister Tafili is coming back from Ebeye this week and Sister Crane is flying out, so I'm excited to see her before she leaves.

I'm starting to work on getting Christmas gifts for everyone.  Marshallese make various handicrafts from pandanas and coconut leaves and they call them "amimono."  I'm slowly starting to collect some earrings and flowers as gifts.  I also want to try to get a couple of mats and bags. I'll email more if I think of anything else to tell from this week.  Sister Boutu and I will both be staying in Jenrok for this next transfer. 

Sister Ellen Butler

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