Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014, I Ate Dog...It's Tasty Stuff


How is summer going?  Is it hot there in Utah?  It's hot here but it's not really much different than the rainy season.  It's just hot year round.  Thursday marks my one year on the mission, meaning I have less than 6 months to go.  It's crazy how fast the time has gone.  

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that I ate dog.  It was pretty good.  It tastes kind of like beef and lamb.  It's tasty stuff.  Our fridge hasn't been working, so I gave the leftovers to the elders and they were quite pleased.  I don't know who's dog it was, but someone gave it to the bishop's family and they cooked it. Mmmm.  

On Thursday we did an exchange with the sister training leaders. I stayed in Jenrok and worked with a sister from Tonga.  I usually dislike exchanges because the sister training leaders just watch your every move and see how you do you feel like you're being watched and judged for 24 hours, but it actually went well. It was nice to be able to teach with a companion instead of only me teaching, which is going on right now because I'm training.  The sister told me I'll most likely be staying in Jenrok and training the new Fijian sister that comes in July, but transfers always change so we'll see what happens.  The power was out all day for half the island, which always happens on Thursdays, and it was so hot that day.    

We have very few investigators right now so we're trying to spend a lot of time finding...which we both struggle with.  We've been visiting members in the ward and teaching them a short lesson about families and missionary work.  We then give them a few pass along cards with the Laie Hawaii temple on them to give to their friends. It's perfect that the cards have the Laie temple on them because so many people here have been to hawaii at one point and have either seen or heard about the temple (although most Marshallese stay in Honolulu on the other side of the island when they go).  We explained that it's hard to transition to talking about the gospel with their friends but that if they talk about their families it becomes a lot easier.  And all of those that have gone to the temple from here went to Hawaii, so it's really nice the cards have that picture on them.  Hopefully it'll encourage members to share more. 

We spend a few evenings a week at the Kiribati family's house.  They always make us food and we sing together and bwebwenato (talk, converse).  I always talk a lot with the woman that's married to the Indian/Fijian guy.  She's always direct and straightforward when she speaks and it's so nice to have real conversations with her.  She reminds me a lot of Annie.  She gets annoyed with how slow and badly we sing at church, and she gets annoyed when everyone wants her to be at every single church activity and event.  So many of the people are so fake when they speak and just put up with everything annoying, and she doesn't and it's really nice.  It's nice to hear someone complain, as weird as that sounds.  

I don't have anything exciting to tell.  Eating dog was definitely the highlight of the week.  


Sister Ellen Butler

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