Monday, June 30, 2014

June 9, 2014, I Got to Order My Subway in Marshallese!

Well, I'm in Majuro again.  I wish I could just go back to Ebeye.  I'm working in Jenrok which is near town.  We actually live in Uliga which is nice because we're close to some stores.  We live close to one of the two ATMs on island (better than Ebeye where there weren't any!), an ACE hardware, a post office, and the nicest restaurant on the island where all the foreigners hang out.  But then we walk down the island a little ways and we reach Jenrok.  There's the main road and then a back road splits off and then connects back to the main road less than a mile later.  So it's a tiny area.  Everyone said the houses are close together in Jenrok like Ebeye, and they kind of are, but they houses are much bigger.  I could fit 6 Ebeye houses in a house here.  But there's more breadfruit!  I missed it while I was on Ebeye.  Breadfruit with grated coconut and cooked fish- so delicious. 
My companion is Sister Boutu and she's from Kiribati.  She's really nice and she's good at English and Marshallese.  I was worried when I heard I'd be training a Kiribati sister, but she's great.  She's really good at cleaning too, which is nice.  I know a few members and investigators but we've had a lot going on this week so I still need to meet a lot more people.
We had a zone conference on Friday and Sister and Elder Hamula of the area seventy were in town.  It's was nice to see all the missionaries on the island that I haven't seen for a while, but there are a lot of new elders too.  The zone conference was good but long. 
On Sunday the Jenrok and Rita wards watched general conference together.  I was excited to get to know people but it was hard because there were two wards there together.  It poured and sister Boutu and I got soaked on the way to church (we decided we'll just taxi from now on if it rains) so we were cold the whole time.
Our apartment is ugly as sin.  It has green walls and orange trim.  The bathroom is a tiny shower and a toilet, and then the sink is in one of the bedrooms.  the whole place is just really dark.  The house is a bit cockroach infested but I discovered that 409 spray is pretty effective at killing the young ones.  We cleaned up a lot of the kitchen today and I think I cleaned up a few pounds of cockroach wings and that creepy black powder that cockroaches leave around. 
Leaving Ebeye was sad.  We had lunch with the Beckers on P day and then played ticket to ride with them in the afternoon.  We picked up the new sister from the dock at 3 pm and showed her part of the island.  In the evening the youth had a social night and each branch performed dances.  Then they had a iakwe-iakwe for me and another elder that was leaving Ebeye.  I'll see if I can email some photos from it.  On Wednesday we took the ferry to kwaj and noon and sat around at the checkpoint for a couple of hours before they let me on the base.  Some of our friends came with us so it was nice to say goodbye.  A member from kwaj actually picked me up once I got onto the base and she showed me around the island.  Kwaj is's like america on an island.  She dropped me off at the Subway and I knew the girl working there so I got to order my subway in Marshallese!  I then walked to the airport and waited for the flight.  It's only an hour long flight to Majuro and it's so cool seeing the islands from the air.  It was cool coming back to Majuro but it's just so different from Ebeye.  People dress like Americans here and there are so many more foreigners.  I do like that the food is cheaper though!  I even found some plain yogurt! 
It looks like I'll be emailing every Monday at 10 AM at CMI.  I miss you all.
Sister Ellen Butler 

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