Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 20, 2014, Small Meat

I am finally feeling better and up and working again. The medicine seemed to help a lot and I'm happy to not be stuck in the house everyday.  It's so nice to go out working with Sister Chamings everyday.  Sister Chamings got her RMI driver's license and she's getting pretty good at driving on the right side of the street.  I love not having to drive all the time and she really enjoys driving, so it's a good mix.  I've discovered I really don't enjoy driving.  It's not hard but it's just not that fun.  I knew it all along.

Sister Chamings is great. She's really good at planning and since English is her first language we can plan and discuss things easily together.  We work smarter and don't overly exhaust ourselves.  She also is really good with making plenty of time for meals in our schedule, so we're happier and don't feel as rushed.  We've been cooking a lot more and we've had spaghetti and mashed potatoes and lentil soup (Sister Chaming's favorite....she requested it again this week) and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and other yummy things this week.  Sister Chamings is really funny and her humor reminds me a bit of my friend Ingrid sometimes.  I've learned a lot more about Australia too.  I hope I work with her until the end of my mission.  I should be able to work with her until the end if I stay in Ajeltake, because I know she's going to be in Ajeltake for a long time.  I think I'll stay.  I hope so.

Everything is going well with our investigators.  We're mostly just trying to get people married right now. Most all of the couples are excited and happy to get married, they just need to feel some sort of urgency to actually do it.  So, we try to set marriage dates with them so they can do the necessary preparations.  There's a couple that's been trying to get married for a number of weeks now and one of them doesn't want food at the wedding and the other one does, and so I said to the one that doesn't want food at the wedding, "well, I know you know that food isn't important but if so-and-so wants food then you guys should probably make's his wedding too." Hopefully they can make a decision and move forward.

We had Stake conference yesterday.  When we got there we wondered why there were so few people in the stake center and we then realized they had split the conference into two sessions because we could barely fit last time.  So we only had conference with the west side, so Laura, Ajeltake, and Long Island.  It was much nicer with fewer people...but it was still Stake conference.  So long.  It was nice to see people from Laura there.

We had a fun adventure in town today.  We had heard that there's a place where you can get a good sized bag of cut up tuna chunks for 5 dollars.  We kind of knew where the place was, but not exactly. We went into one building that was a fish company and luckily Sister Chamings knew the guy that worked at the front desk.  He was just getting off work and so he walked us over to the place....well, we ended up kind of near a warehouse by a fishing dock where I'm pretty sure no americans (or women) ever go to buy fish.  I think they wondered how we knew about the place.  They call the bags "small meat" and I don't think they really advertise it.  Anyway, luckily we knew Marshallese and so we weren't just dumb Americans/Australians and we walked away with a nice bag of "big eye" tuna. We're going to divide it up into smaller bags when we get home. But for now it's in a fridge, don't worry.

Sister Butler

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