Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 11, 2014, I Have to Learn How to Drive


I had a pretty good week.  Sister Boutu gets sick a lot and so the week was kind of slow.  It also seemed like all of our appointments fell through, but that happens.  I realized I've had over a year of perpetual summer now.  I'm so tired of the heat.  The weirdest part is that one can't tell the passage of time very easily.  It's just always summer. 

Our investigator that's Seventh-day Adventist is still a struggle.  He keeps asking the same questions about eating pig and fish with no scales and going to church on Saturdays and it's just exhausting at this point.  We've answered his questions and now are trying to focus on other things, knowing that he's going to get over these things. But he still keeps bringing them up as if we're going to have a new answer one day.  I wish I could just give him over to the elders!  But we don't have any elders in our ward. 

Transfers are happening at the end of the month and supposedly I'm going back to Ajeltake.  Meaning, I have to learn how to drive.  I think I should be able to do it because there's just one road and the cars are automatic (not that I know how to do that).  Supposedly it's really easy to get a driver's license here.  I need to find someone to teach me.  I'm excited to go back to Ajeltake, but not to drive.  Hopefully it'll be my last area.  I think I'd be okay with "dying" in Ajeltake.  I've missed the west side of the island.  It's so beautiful and I'd get good food too.

All the pandanas fruit is starting to get ripe!  Mmm.  I'm going to see if I can bring some back in my suitcase. Would the TSA people confiscate fruit coming from another country?  We've eaten (except there's a verb just for eating bub) a lot of it this week.  All of it came from the other side of the atoll though.  This side looks a little more like ebeye. That's a good thing about going back to Ajeltake...I'll have lots of bananas and bub and papaya. 

I had some really good fish this week.  It's called rainbow runner.  It's really good raw and fried.  My least favorite fish is canned mackerel.  It's cheap though!  I've heard that you don't want to eat red snapper can get really sick from it.  

I keep thinking of stories from Lae that I haven't shared yet.  The whole way there, the men sat at the back of the boat and fished for big fish.  If you're trying to catch a tuna you need a really big fish hook.  They let out long fishing cords/lines behind the boat.  They didn't catch anything on the way to Lae, but on the way back from Lae one of the the men caught a big yellowfin tuna.  When they noticed they had caught it they let the driver know so he slowed down the boat and then they pulled it in.  Then they had to finish killing the poor beast, and let's just say it's not very fun to sit on a boat with a big tuna flapping around.  A few minutes later, another guy caught a big mahi mahi.  holy cow, those are pretty fish.  They're really green and have funny shaped heads.  they cut it up and started eating the sashimi.  I really wanted to try some but I was feeling sea sick at that point, and raw fish didn't sound that good. 

Also, flying fish are real and can really fly a long way.  We saw a lot of them when we got close to Lae.  We also saw a dolphin and some other big fish jump out of the water when we were close to entering the lagoon.  It's really good luck to see means they're welcoming the boat into the lagoon.  We were also supposed to throw some food into the water so we'd be protected from the demons, but I don't know if we did. 

Ierutia gave me a tibuta this week, which is a kiribati shirt.  It's so comfortable.  It's really loose so you can eat and eat and it won't show.

Okay, I hope you're all having a good week.  Tootles, 

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