Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 18, 2014, Sister Boutu Requested Pizza, Rice, Sashimi, and Cake


I'm starting my email really late today.  I don't know if I have a whole lot to say from this week.

Yesterday was Sister Boutu's birthday but we decided to celebrate on Saturday.  We got permission to have a few of the other sisters over for lunch.  Sister Boutu requested that we eat pizza, rice, sashimi, and cake, so that's what we ate.  It was good and nice but since all the kiribati sisters were over they spoke in kiribati the whole time and Sister Moea'i and I don't understand them.  

I now know enough Marshallese that most of the words I'm learning now are kind of silly words like: "to remove scales from fish," "sleeptalking," "afraid of ghosts" and "puddles."  

The work is going really well in Jenrok.  We had ten investigators come to church yesterday, which is crazy.  It feels like Ebeye sometimes.  I'm excited to go to Ajeltake though.  The work is good here but I still don't like it as much as Ajeltake.  It just has a different feel to it. I guess it's because I don't like the ward as much, and that makes a big difference.  

We have a plan to drive out to Laura with one of the senior couples this Friday so I can practice driving.  I'm glad I get to practice before I go to Ajeltake...I don't really want to just practice when I get there.  I need to get a license but supposedly I only have to take a written test for it.

We have a FHE planned tonight with the kiribati family, and we're inviting a couple investigators to it.  We're going to make pizza for it.  I think I've made too many pizzas in the last week.  But it's okay because everyone feeds us fish and they occasionally request that we make a pizza or cookies...things that you need an oven for. Everyone is jealous we have an oven.

Sorry my email is short this week.  Love you all.  Tootles, 

Sister Ellen Butler

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