Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 25, 2014, Sometimes I Forget I'm White


It's Monday and I transfer to Ajeltake on Wednesday after a zone conference in Long Island.  So that meansmtomorrow is really my last day in Jenrok.  I don't really want to leave Jenrok.  I always have mixed feelings about transfers.  I am excited to work in Ajeltake though.  And the good thing is that I'll have a car so on P days we'll be able to jambo (I don't know the english equivalent of this word...) wherever we want to on the island.  

The week started out rough because Sister Boutu messed up her foot on P day from kicking a rugby ball.  She could barely walk Monday night and we didn't work Tuesday.  The nurse said that she might be in pain for a couple of weeks, but luckily it turned out to only hurt a couple of days.  

Marshallese culture of the day:  If you have the hiccups you tear a small piece of paper, lick it, and stick it to your forehead.  I taught a couple of women my trick to get rid of hiccups and they were quite impressed.  I don't think the paper on the forehead thing works.

Sometimes I forget I'm white.  The white people on this island are so annoying and embarrassing sometimes.  I forget that I stick out a lot because I don't feel like I stick out anymore now that I know their language and culture....but then sometimes I see white people and I realize how ridiculous they look  and sound when they try to speak marshallese and then I think maybe the marshallese people see me that way at first.  But I think that goes away once we talk.

Driving on Friday with the Johnsons was great.  We drove to the airport and then I drove from there out to ajeltake and Laura.  They made me go down a bumpy dirt road in Ajeltake and then back up to the main road. I'm not very good at backing up, but I can do it if I need too.  Driving was fun.  I think I just needed some confidence.  I drove from Laura back to town, which was good that I got practice driving in town.  So on Wednesday I get a nice, new, fancy car.  The mission just got all new cars, so I'll be driving a really nice car.  I'll have to find out what type it is.

This evening we have a FHE at the mission home for all the sisters.  I think they're trying to build sister unity or something like that, so we're doing a talent show.  Everyone's going to sing or dance so boutu and I are planning on doing something different.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll let you know how it goes next week.  

The woman in the black (that's kind of white) in the picture with the RS sisters is Cindy.  She and her boyfriend both came to church yesterday.  We actually are going to go see her today because she works all the time.  
Love you all.  Tootles, 

Sister Ellen Butler

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