Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 1, 2014, Happy to Be Back in Ajeltake


Ajeltake is so beautiful. I'm so happy to be back. It's about 11 miles of coconut, banana, breadfruit, and pandanus trees.

The elders and the sisters switched houses a few weeks ago because there was some problem, so we're living in the tiny chapel house. Meaning a tiny house that's right by the Ajeltake chapel. It's one room, and then a bathroom. We have a bunk bed, fridge, and a tiny kitchen. But it's really not that bad. It's cosy. I do my studies on my bed and Sister Notise sits at a desk right by the bed and that's where we have to sit. We actually have hot water, which is crazy.

We had zone conference last wednesday before our transfer and that was good.  Right after we switched our luggage around from car to car and we drove off to Ajeltake.  Driving is going better. The road in Ajeltake is fun to drive.  you have to maneuver around coconuts and there are lots of potholes and bumps.  You also have to be careful for dogs. There are a few road bumps near the schools.  I think I'm starting to get the hang of it though. The hardest part is remembering where everyone lives.  It just looks like there are trees everywhere and their houses are back in a little ways. I also miss the turnoffs and have to stop and back up, but it's okay because there are very few cars on the road. 

My new companion is Sister Notise. She's from Samoa and she went to school with Sister Tafili. She's good. She works hard but has fun too, which is a nice combination.  She has 10 more months on the mission and her Marshallese is really good.  It's really nice going from a companion where I had to teach 95% of the lessons to teaching very little.  I actually wish she would let me speak more! But it's good.  Maybe I'm just the driver.  We get along well though. The first few days with a new companion are always awkward because you don't know how they do things, but it gets better.  I'm tired of being the boss so I'm trying to make her make a lot of the decisions. It's good.

The beaches are nice in Ajeltake.  We went wading out in the lagoon the other day and the water was so hot.  It was almost burning my feet.  There's a really nice view of the other islands in the atoll from Ajeltake.  It's really paradise here.  Hopefully this is where I'll finish my mission. It's nice to see that the branch has grown.  It's nice I already know most of the people. Hopefully it'll become a ward while I'm here.

There's a YSA in Ajeltake that just got her call to serve in the West Indies, English speaking. Her name is Shimiko and I think I've maybe talked about her before when I worked in Ajeltake. She works with us when she's not busy.  She's great.  Her English is already amazing and she's excited to go.  She doesn't go until December though, so she'll keep working with us and maybe we'll leave around the same time for the US.  

Okay, I think that's it for this week.  I don't think I'll send any pictures this week.  I tried to upload some but it didn't work.  We'll see.

Tootles. Love you all.

 Sister Ellen Butler (or "Bubu" as all the missionaries call me)

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