Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014, I'm Getting So White


I don't have much to say this week. Everything is going well. I've had a sore throat and neck and back this week, but I think I'm getting better. I think the sore neck and back is from driving the stupid car.

Driving is so overrated. Ugh. I don't like it very much. It's tiring. I'm getting so white too, since the trees block a lot of the sun in Ajeltake and we're not out walking as much. I want to get tan again. I'm going to see if Notise can get her driver's license this week so she can help with the driving. Maybe I'm also just getting sick of driving down the same road every single day. It is beautiful though.

My front yard in Ajeltake
Our investigator that was supposed to get married this last week still hasn't got married. We'll see when that happens.  She really wants to get baptized so she's just waiting on this.  We have a baptism this Saturday. A girl named Seiko is getting baptized. She's 17 and her older brother and younger sister are both members. They live in a little village called "Lomajurok" and last year when I worked in Ajeltake, there were only 3 young men there that were members. Now almost all of them are members. The second counselor in the branch presidency lives there and we're there every day to study with people. It's cool to see how much the area has changed since last year. A couple of the women there are making me earrings and a bag.  It's really close to the airport so whenever a plane flies over to land it's so incredibly loud because the plane comes down so low.

Sunset in Ajeltake
It rained a lot this week. Our pontoon was overflowing one night when it rained, so we went outside and took showers under the spout. It was so cold but nice. Whenever it rains a lot people will run and shampoo their hair so they can shower in the rain. It saves water and it's fun.

It looks like I'm leaving the RMI on Dec. 17th flying first to Hawaii, then Chicago (is there a Potbelly sandwich place in O'hare airport??), then to Hartford. I arrive on the 18th...although that's after two december 17ths...

We did some splits with some of the young women this week. I always leave Notise with one of the YW in Lomajurok because there are a lot of people for them to see there...and they can walk to the next town/village where there are a lot of people to study with there too. I then take the car, and we drive to Woja (which is near Laura) and work there. I usually tell Notise that we'll be back at a certain hour to pick them up, but we never really set up a place to meet. It's not that hard to find people if there's only one road. It did take us a little while to find them last night though. If they see the car they'll wave the cell phone so we see them and pull over to pick them up.  It's so dark at night because there aren't very many lights.

There are birds in those baskets!
I'm getting excited to come home. Everything is going well. Working with Sister Notise is going well. I think I get along well with the samoan sisters. Okay, that's it for this week.  Love you all. Tootles.

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