Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014, You and Sister Chamings Will Be Working Together Just Like Alma 17:23


This last week was pretty good.  I feel like one day I want to stay in the islands forever and then the next day I just want it to be Christmas and be home.  I guess that's how it's supposed to go the last 6 weeks.  

Halloween was fun.  After seminary we had a little party with the seminary kids and then we drove some of the YSAs up to Laura for a YSA party.  We did a bunch of group relay races and some of them were pretty funny.  In one of the games everyone had their own toothpick they had to hold with their teeth and then the first person in the line got a life saver candy and had to pass it to the next person using only the toothpick.  It was so funny to watch.  Especially in Marshallese culture where people are very shy and would never show physical affection in public.  Sister Chamings and I got the leftover apples from bobbing for apples, which was also a plus. 

It seemed like no one wanted to study this week, probably because there were a couple of funerals and those things take all week and the whole extended families are involved and since everyone's related, everyone is busy.  But we had a nice experience on Thursday.  We met a woman named Julita that agreed to study with us.  We went over to her house on Wednesday to see if she was available and when we got there she was sick and lying on the floor in the back room.  The house was a mess and we wanted to clean but we didn't really have anything to clean with.  We went back the next morning and cleaned her whole house for her.  Luckily we took Shimiko with us and she knew what things we could throw away and she helped a lot.  We were there for about 2 hours and the house was so clean when we left.  Some of the neighbor kids came over and they helped clean too. We're going to go back maybe tomorrow and see if she's better and wants to study.

I asked President Weir in an email last week if I could stay with Sister Chamings until the end of my mission and he replied with "You and Sister Chamings will be working together just like Alma 17:23"  haha.  The embarrassing thing is how long it took us to find a Book of Mormon in the senior couple's apartment we're in right now.  

We got some really great Book of Mormon story books with pictures in Marshallese for kids in families we're studying with.  We're going to try to get a lot more from the office today to give to people because we think it would help the adults to just begin to understand some of the stories from the book of mormon.  

One of our investigators told us that someone told her the Book of Mormon is bad because they refer to Noah as a king in it and not a prophet.  Sister Chamings and I looked at each other, laughed a little, and then explained that king Noah and the prophet Noah were very different people.  I never thought I'd hear that one.

I'm going to try to find myself a nice Marshallese dress today.  Wish me luck.  Most of them aren't that attractive.  


Sister Butler

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