Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014, Maybe We'll Eat Shark for Thanksgiving

Greetings from Ajeltake, 

We had a good week.  We had Zone Conference on Wednesday, and that was really good.  An area 70 (that's in the 8th quorum of the 70?) from Tonga/New Zealand came and spoke a little.  It threw me off a little though because he really spoke like a New Zealander...which seems weird for an area 70.  It wasn't as good as when Elder Hamula came though.  The APs asked me and Sister Chamings to do a musical number right before it started so we sang something we had sung for a baptism.  

On Thursday we did an exchange with the Long Island sisters.  Exchanges are really pointless.  I went to Long Island for the day and it was fine.  I'm glad I work in Ajeltake.  Long Island just seems kind of boring to me.  

We had an investigator named Joann get baptized on Saturday.  Her husband is less active and he didn't end up coming to the baptism, even though he said he would.  She was kind of upset about that and we were annoyed too.  But we did have an investigator come to church on Sunday that's never come before.  Normally her husband says she can't come to church, but yesterday she got all ready and we went and picked her and her two kids up for church.  

Sister Weir came out to Ajeltake and worked with us on Friday, which was fun.  She and President Weir are in Ebeye for the weekend and they get back tomorrow, and then sometime this week I get to eat my final dinner at the mission home before I go home.  After this week they'll be in Kiribati until after I leave.  

I don't think we're doing anything for Thanksgiving, but that's okay.  I'm trying to see if someone will catch us a shark or a turtle so I can eat some of that before I leave.  Maybe we'll eat shark for Thanksgiving. 

Our car says it's empty even though it's full of gas.  We were wondering why we ran out of gas so quickly this week.  We went to fill it up and after they put a little bit they said it was full.  

We're trying to teach the YW a hymn for the fireside this Sunday.  We just put them into two groups and taught them soprano and alto.  Especially since they have no idea how to read music. We tried singing it for them and then had them try to copy us, which worked out well.

I think that's all from this week.  Stay warm and toasty!

Sister Butler

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